Akina Nanamura

Akina Nanamura is the childhood best Girlfriend of Kazuto Tokino and one of the main characters. Like Valkyrie, she has a crush on Kazuto but has shown little chances of advancing their relationship due to her unable to tell Kazuto how she felt as well as seeing signs of Valkyrie and Kazuto being arranged to be married. The size of her breasts have often been a gag going through the series, mostly from Hydra, the other Princess of Valhalla that crash landed in her family's shrine. Her Japanese voice actress is Saeko Chiba while her English voice actress is Cynthia Martinez.


Season 1Edit

in episode 9 akina went into a age regression that turned her into a child. and Hydra completly made her miserable.

Season 2Edit

In season 2 akina had to deal with valkyrie ghost. as well as she foundc out she can merge with lydra to become akidra.

Season 3Edit

Season 4Edit