The Catgirl Maid Squadron is the group of catgirl servants that serve directly under Miss Sanada, the head maid of the Valhalla Royal Family. Though they aren't really seen, Miss Sanada has made a new squadron of catgirls from the unsuspecting girls of Earth by using a gun that transforms the girls she zapped into catgirls.

Squad's Purpose and DutiesEdit

Known MembersEdit

  • While the group on Earth appears to be made of hundreds of different girls (all that Kazuto had crossed paths with on the day Miss Sanada appeared), not much detail can be said about who they were.
Main Cats

The four main Catgirls

Catgirl A - The first one Miss Sanada attacked. She has blonde hair and appeared to have been working for a matchmaker, having had a picture of herself before she grew her cat ears. Her name is revealed to be Aiko.
Catgirl B - The second girl Miss Sanada attacked. She has dark brown hair and seemed to have been a normal high school teen. Her real name is Keiko.
Catgirl C - The third girl Miss Sanada attacked. She has dark red hair and worked at a convenience store counter. Her name is later revealed to be Eiko.
Catgirl D - A young woman that wasn't seen being shot at on screen by Sanada. She has dark blue hair and works for a large company, trying to deal with her rude boss. She goes by the name Yuko.
Multiple Other Girls
Unknown Girls

Some of the other girls transformed into Catgirls (Identities Unknown)

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