Valhalla princesses

The eight Princesses of Valhalla (Top row: Inarba, Mehm, Hydra, Nesty - Bottom Row: Pharm, Valkyrie, Laine, Chorus)

The eight Princesses of Valhalla are major important characters within UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie and is the group that most of the main female characters belong to (Hydra and Valkyrie). Though they do not appear to be related by any physical way (except for possible breast size, excluding Chorus and maybe Mehm), all eight girls come from the planet Valhalla and all are affiliated with the Valhalla Royal Family. Each one has different traits and personalities that differ them from each other and some appear to be terrible at flying space ships (mostly Valkyrie, Laine, Hydra and Pharm). Currently, more than half of the princesses are living on Earth while the rest are at Valhalla or possibly out somewhere else.

The Eight PrincessesEdit

This is in order of appearance in the series: