Rika tokino

Rika Tokino

Rika Tokino is the younger sister of Kazuto Tokino and helps run the Tokino Bath House. Of the two siblings, Rika acts more like the "straight man" between all the strange and wacky events that progress at the bath house. She also has been shown to have a love for money, doing whatever it takes to get it. She also studies hard at school, hoping to get into a good college someday. Her Japanese voice actress is Omi Minami and her English voice actress is Monica Rial.


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Inhabitants of Valhalla
Princess Valkyrie - Though Valkyrie can sometimes get on Rika's nerves, she still likes Valkyrie and cares about her like a friend.
Princess Hydra - These two have had very little interaction between each other during the series and as such, not much can be said about them.
Princess Laine - Laine continues to wind up crashing her ship on random occasions and this sometimes annoys Rika. Despite the ways that Laine seems to annoy her, it can be said that Rika still likes Laine.
Princess Chorus - Chorus completely baffles Rika during the first time they met and ended up surprising her again when she found herself moving into her closet. But just like Laine, Rika probably shows concern for Chorus.
Princess Mehm - Mehm wants to see Valkyrie and Kazuto married soon and as such, Rika thinks this is a way of basically "marrying into power" and as such, Rika refers to Mehm as "auntie", though Mehm prefers "big sister". It seems they are at some level with each other.
Miss Sanada - At first, Rika thought Sanada was here about the damages Valkyrie caused by crashing into the bathhouse as her adult self. But after Sanada moved in, it seems that she and Rika have become good friends (despite Sanada's strange habits).
Kazuto Tokino - Rika cares a lot about her older brother, though wishes that he would open his eyes to most of the stuff happening around him. She does admire his determination to keep the bathhouse running and does her part to help.
Akina Nanamura - Rika and Akina are good friends with each other. Rika can see Akina is trying to tell her feelings for Kazuto and she sometimes questions Akina's concern about her breast size.